Planting seedlings of Wheelchairs

Planting seedlings of Wheelchairs

Performance. Short film. 2016
3:39 min. Voice: Finnish. Subtitles: Finnish / English.

Video about growing wheelchairs from seeds 2:21 min.

2017 Official selection, Intia, We Care film festival, UNHCR, näytöksiä kevään ja kesän 2017.

A diverse world needs people who are born with their disabilities. Every head-controlled mouse user and persons with visual impairments or spastic bodies knows, what makes a good user interface.

I want to grow my own assistive devices. Organic way, from the seeds. I choose species that can be controlled by nerve signals. This modest wheelchair is related to the city bicycles. My favourite species are those that bloom depending on my status of mind.

Photos: Titta Aaltonen

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