Sirpa sylissään karvaton kissa

Method for better service

Participatory art project, 2016
Film 12:18 min. Voice: Finnish. Subtitles: English/Finnish.

”Passions of people with disabilities are more interesting than the needs!

The idea was to test, what happens if the life story of a person with disability is visualized for authorities in decision-making situations. When a person with disability can not be handled as a paper-doll, without background. What happened was not just a change in a relationship between the social worker and the key role person. Getting deeper to a person’s life made me question, why humour, habits, hobbies and craziness often cease together with health? And what if that would not happen? The project is still in progress and writing an epilogue about authorities opinions about our method of getting better disability services.

photo: Titta Aaltonensirpa_2_pieni
sirpa3 ruuvit katuperfo_pieni