Jenni-Juulia wearing a dress that has an elephant head on the shoulder.

Dynamic Duo

Short Film. 2018
Length: 5 mins. Language: English
Direct, script and edit: Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen
Film: Neil Pemberton
Music: Jonah Hebron
(All musical accompaniment was created during the 55 hours and is created solely from the objects required to be present in the film – clocks, glasses, cups and keys)

RIGHT NOW this film is competing for Best Awareness Campaign in Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. If you like it, PLEASE SHARE and LIKE Dynamic Duo in YouTube or in Facebook! Until 29th April 2018! Thank you so much!

The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge was arranged during a weekend 13th – 15th April 2018. The task was to make a Buddy Comedy with at least on person with disability in 55 hours in:

  • an apartment/house
  • a recreational area such as a park
  • a backyard
  • a garage
  • a warehouse
  • a storage room

Using at least of two elements of following: a hat, coffee cup, watch or clock, glasses, a journal, keys, or a ring.

CitySquareLeeds TheQueensHotelLeedsBathroom