When the Diswasher Escaped / Kun tiskikone karkasi

When the Diswasher Escaped / Kun tiskikone karkasi

Short film and installation 2022

Length: 10:00 min
Language: Finnish
Captions: Finnish / English
Starring: Hannele and Jouko Penttinen
Direct, screenplay, camera, edit, art works: Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen

Audio description (Finnish) and AD voice over: Anu Aaltonen
Audio description consultant: Heikki Ekola
Audio description recording: Ville Liukkonen Art Lab

A video work and installation about a woman with visual impairment and her husband reminiscing about their wedding 50 years ago. They got married in secret and moved to Northern Finland. The film is screened on TV, in front of which is a curtain sewn from the lens of the glasses. The lense curtain enlarges, reduces and blurs the watching experience, which increases the importance of audio description. Next to the TV is a textile sculpture about the main characters.

The work deals with the prejudices related to the independence of disabled women and it was made for the 2022 Fiskars Summer exhibition ”Hidden”.