Sacrifising Dignity

Sacrifising Dignity

a Short Film. 2014.
4:40 min. Starring: Pirkko Justander

“We have to sell our privacy to get money and services. They want to know how we pee or poo, take a shower, get dressed and put a spoon into our mouths. Instead of recognizing strengths and abilities the society is teaching us to define our precious bodies as a list of faults. Basic rights for modesty, decency and dignity have become luxury.” (Pirkko Justander, social counselor)

Sacrificing Dignity tells of how the lifelong reporting of private body functions affects the self-image of women with disabilities. At worse, doctors are producing “fresh” medical reports every 6 months to 3 years about incurable impairments such as genetic disorders, blindness or amputations to the Social Insurance Institution and social workers. The price of unnecessary certificates is estimated to be over 10 million euros. By cutting byrocracy and understanding the social model of disability Finland could use this money to improve the disability services and accessibility of environment.

Women with disabilities face violence 2-4 times more often than other women. The current situation is expensive and harmful. Social structures with practices of subjugation and humiliation make women with disabilities easier targets for all kinds of physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence.

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