My Whimsical Resonance

My Whimsical Resonance

Short film 2021
Length: 10:00 min
Language: Finnish
Captions: English
Starring and music: Juuso Sintonen
Camera: Rasoul Khorram

Direct, screenplay, edit, art works: Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen

Trailer in Instagram.

A stuttering musician Juuso Sintonen shows how art and playfulness help him not be so afraid of life. He is a professional pianist who was bullied throughout the elementary school. In the documentary, Juuso talks about stuttering as a cerebral communication disorder, about Zen-Buddhism and how art and drama studies affected his self-esteem. During the interview, he performs as a street musician and relaxes in a floating tank. Juuso plays with accessories that textile artist Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen made for him inspired by their discussions. A zoetrope hat that mimics fluent speech, lips given by passers-by, peeling onion shirt, flute-crutch, statement face mask and an EEG helmet are imaginative aids that invite people to make contact with a person, living with a stutter.

The documentary ”My Whimsical resonance” is part of Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen’s study of stuttering, which includes also a 2 m x 2 m x 2.5 m installation of textile sculptures inspired by conversations with Juuso Sintonen.